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Morning Walkers 03-19-2020
Heritage Oaks Golf Course now allows walking on the cart paths before 9am. Ed and I walked 3 miles along the back nine today. What a gorgeous way to begin the day! A great antidote to the isolation and stressful news!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Census 03-18-2020
To the homeowner @ 1756 Heritage Estates Circle your census form is here, it was in my mailbox Thanks, Pam Snell
Posted By Pam

Fireside Gatherings 03-16-2020
https://vimeo.com/397657805 Above is a link to a video prepared by Duane and Joan Kauffman’s nephew, an expert in infectious disease. Like you, I’ve watched weeks, days, hours of information on corona virus, but this video drove home what it could mean for our community and neighborhood. I think of us as a 55+ community but in reality, the majority of us are 65+. After watching the video, Larry Miller, Ed Morrison and I realized it would be best to forego our Fireside gatherings until the threat has passed. Let’s be creative and think of other ways to reach out to our neighbors who may feel more isolated than others, and strengthen our bonds of friendship. We need each other now more than ever.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Fireside Gathering this Thursday 03-10-2020
This time, back at Ed and Mindy’s home at 7pm. Super casual, bring your drink, and let’s self-isolate together.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Thursday March 5 Fireside at Mullets 03-04-2020
Join us for an evening of casual conversation Thursday evening at 7 PM. We’re at 1683 Bald Eagle Circle, immediately south of the Morrisons. Bring your own drinks.
Posted By Bob Mullet

Thursday February 27 fireside at the Wright’s. 02-25-2020
Join your neighbors on Thursday at 7pm for an evening of fireside visiting. We’re at 1735 Heritage Estates Circle. It’s the gray house with the steep drive. Bring your drinks and stories.
Posted By Tom & Wilma Wright

Fireside? 02-25-2020
Due to Ed Morrison’s heart attack and open heart surgery, he is a major re-construction site. Fatigue slams him with a 2 hour nap most afternoons, and he hits the sack early for a long night’s rest. We will pass on hosting our neighborhood Fireside gatherings for at least a couple of weeks longer, but I wonder if anyone else wants to volunteer their home. Couldn’t be any easier or less intimidating! Ed and I purposely kept Firesides uncomplicated and all about interesting, illuminating conversation among neighbors. So don’t be shy! Any volunteers?
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Friday Dinner Cost Change 02-19-2020
20 neighbors are signed up to attend this Friday’s dinner. Since we have less than 21 guests, the cost per person will be one dollar more. Instead of $24, tax included, the meal is now $25. The price does not include a tip. Please give Sue Hottel or me your cash or check upon your arrival. No credit cards. Ed and I have room for 2-3 to ride with us. Let me know!
Posted By Mindy

Oops! Feb 21 Dinner, Not the 23rd! 02-15-2020
Sheesh! Hate when I do that!
Posted By Mindy

Checking Dinner Attendees 02-15-2020
So here’s my list of those attending the Feb23 dinner: Coffeys, Joan Ford, 3 Gardners, Hottels, Larry Miller, Morrisons, Orems, Sebastians, Pam Snell, Martha, Vickie, Carrie, Wrights. Let me know if I need to make any changes. 21 plan to attend. $24 plus tip. Will call the restaurant Monday.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

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