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Morning Coffee Time 11-08-2019
Happy Fall Neighbors, I am planning the first coffee get together for Friday, December 13th at 9:30. No need to bring anything but your holiday spirit. I look forward to seeing you all. While men are certainly not excluded, my house is only so big and thatís why it was a ladies event last year. Rocky
Posted By Rocky

Poolside at the Morrisons Tonight! (?) 11-07-2019
Let's continue our poolside chats this evening at 7:00, but come to Ed's and my house instead! With our front doors steps away from each other, Heritage Estates is the perfect setup to combat the seasonal creep of isolation and depression some of us experience. By gathering together, we can lift spirits, share ideas, shift perspectives, and get to know each other a little better. Gonna keep it simple. Like Thursdays at the pool, bring your own drink, food if you want to, but the focus will be on fun, meaningful conversation. I may even have on my warm, comfy pajamas - Super casual! Our address is 1681 Bald Eagle Circle. Are you in?
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Little Library 11-01-2019
Feel free to share books with your neighbors by stocking the new little library located in the pool area. Also, look through the books that are there and take one home to read. This is a free book exchange where you can share your favorite books with the community.
Posted By Larry Miller

Golf Tournament and Dinner 10-25-2019
We are a week away from our 8th Annual Heritage Estates Golf Tournament and Dinner and the number of people participating is awesome. I want to verify that Iíve gotten your responses, so please check the lists below and let me know at slhegh@comcast.net only if the information I have for you is incorrect. This is also your opportunity to add your name as a golfer or diner (or remove it) if your plans have changed. Dinner will be held rain or shine and teams will be sent out late next week. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Saturday, November 2nd Golf 2:00 PM hotgun start Dinner 5:30 PM OíNeillís Grill (back room) Rain or Shine List of Golfers: Bayer Bill and Diane Coffey Don Gardner Michael Hall John and Libba Hottel Ed and Sue Kennel Elmer and Marianne Kreider Phil and Lois Lewis Bob and Jeri Lewis Gordon Measell Sam Morrison Ed Scripture Jerry and Kathe Sebastian Dave Watson Steve Withers Dean and Kim List of Diners: Bayer Bill and Diane Blade Sandra Coffey Don and Eva Dinsmore Bob and Susie Ford Al and Joan Gardner Michael, Carolyn and Stacey Hall John and Libba Hottel Ed and Sue Kennel Elmer and Marianne Kreider Phil and Lois Lewis Bob and Jeri Lewis Gordon and Karly Measell Sam and Laura Miller Larry Morrison Ed and Mindy Orem Rick and Sue Rhodes Rocky Scripture Jerry and Kathe Sebastian Dave and Charlene Stout Martha Watson Steve and Ruth Withers Dean and Kim Wright Tom and Wilma
Posted By Sue Hottel

Dinner After Nov 2nd Golf Tournament 10-04-2019
Dinner after the November 2nd neighborhood golf tournament be in the back room at O'Neill's Grill at 5:30 PM. Dinner is open to all neighbors (and almost neighbors) in Heritage Estates. Let me know if you will be joining us for dinner - hope to see you there. If you haven't already, also let me know if you plan on golfing.
Posted By Sue Hottel

NOV 2nd: 8th Annual Golf Tournament and/or Dinner 09-13-2019
I havenít heard from everyone (so please keep responding), but already Nov 2nd has about twice the number of golfers available to play. So, we have moved the date to Nov 2nd. I apologize to those who were able to come on Oct 12th but not Nov 2nd. I have talked with Dave Johns and it will be a shotgun start at 2:00 PM on Nov 2nd. For dinner, I will touch base with Simmer Down (restaurant at the golf course) and see if they can provide a buffet dinner for us at a reasonable cost. They should have their ABC license by then. If they arenít an option, we have used the back room at OíNeillís several times. If you have other suggestions, let me know. We usually have between 30 and 40 people dine with us. If you have any suggestions or dietary restrictions, please contact me at slhegh@comcast.net Thanks for your patience this year! Please keep responding if you havenít already. Sue
Posted By Sue Hottel

ALTERNATIVE: 8th Annual Golf Tournament and/or Dinner 09-11-2019
At this point, we only have 8 confirmed golfers for Oct 12th and 15 confirmed for dinner. In an effort to get more people involved, I would like to know how many people would be interested in golf and/or dinner on Nov 2nd? This is the only other date available due to other golf course commitments. Let me know as soon as you can.
Posted By Sue Hottel

8th Annual Golf Tournament and/or Dinner 09-03-2019
Format will be the same this year: 9-hole, captains choice golf tournament for residents (and almost residents) of Heritage Estates. The date is Sat, Oct 12th, at 1:00 PM and maximum score will be double bogey. This is meant to be a fun outing for all levels of golfing abilities and is a chance to get to know your neighbors. There will be a dinner afterwards for anyone (golfers and non-golfers) in the neighborhood. Let me know as soon as possible if you will be golfing and/or dining with us on Oct 12th.
Posted By Sue Hottel

Tangle in the Vines 08-12-2019
If you have not had a Zentangle intro class, here is another chance. Join us Thursday evening at Marceline Vineyard. Class is from 6-8 and includes all materials. Check the Vineyard website.
Posted By Sandra

Pool is asset to the community 08-05-2019
Heritage Estates is a very attractive community and our goal as a board is to maintain a great neighborhood for the overall good of the community. One of our assets is a very nice swimming pool. Each year we review our policies related to the pool and we think the present policy best meets the needs of the overall community. The pool is one of our main assets and is intended for the pleasure of our residents and their guests. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and healthy environment that fosters use of the pool rather than rules that prohibit its use. We appreciate the grace that was extended as we struggled with the invasion of ducks this spring. Hopefully they will not return. We observe that overall the pool is an enjoyable and friendly environment with good opportunity for all residents to use the pool. Susie Dinsmore, Vickie Westlake, Larry Blade, Jerry Scripture and Larry Miller
Posted By Larry Miller

The pool is open! 06-23-2019
The pool is now open and looking good! Enjoy!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Pool is open 06-21-2019
The pool is open! It is Saturday afternoon at 4:30 and Valley Pools is here cleaning the pool. They applied the algaecide yesterday - so hopefully that will keep the ducks away! Please let me know if you see any nests or see the ducks swimming in the pool!!! Andy (from Valley Pools) said they should leave the area once nesting season is over!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Pool Update 06-20-2019
I just spoke with the rep from Valley Pools. Somehow the pool drained halfway down overnight. He said it looked like the valve on top of one of the tanks in the pool room had been changed, thus causing this. Luckily I noticed the drop in the water level on my early morning walk and was able to turn off the pump. He said if the pump had continued to run with the water level dropping, it would have burned out the motor. Just a reminder not to touch the controls in the pool equipment room! We also noticed that earlier in the week, the pump had been turned off! He was able to apply the algaecide, but couldn't clean the pool until the water goes back up. The pool should fill back up by morning. They will try to come back and clean the pool on Friday or Saturday morning. So - no pool today and possibly tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed that the algaecide will keep the ducks away!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Update on Ducks 06-19-2019
Good morning everyone, We wanted to keep you updated on our duck problem at the pool. The HOA Committee was hoping to hire an animal nuisance control company to remove the ducks. However... they are federally protected and cannot be trapped! So Larry Miller tried purchasing some items that would scare them off - a large plastic hawk, a big ball with a menacing eye on it, etc. The Blades and the Dinsmores have spent time on duck patrol - scaring them off each time they landed. So far - they are still visiting our pool at different times each day. I called Valley Pools this morning and they informed me that they will be applying an algaecide to the water tomorrow that should deter the ducks from landing as it will lower the surface tension of the water (which hopefully the ducks will not like!). They have assured me that this is not harmful to humans and we will not even notice it as we get in and swim. Hopefully this latest plan of attack will work! In the meantime, please do not fill your bird feeders until they are gone! If you know of a nest in the neighborhood, please let me know! Please join us at the neighborhood happy hour tomorrow evening and we can discuss other options if the algaecide doesn't work!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Island Party June 1, 6:00 pm 05-19-2019
Hope many of us are planning to attend the Island Party at the pool on Saturday, June 1, at 6 o'clock. We need some volunteers to bring a couple more tables and chairs. Also anyone willing to share tiki torches and fuel with us? Let us know if you're planning to be there so we can have enough rotisserie chicken. Also we will supply a limited amount of Corona beer, but you are welcome to bring others. Anyone good at making Sangria? That would enhance the party. Please plan to bring a dish or two to share, primarily veggies, fruit, and dessert. Hope you can come, and let us know so we get the quantities right. Thanks.
Posted By Steve and Ruth Watson

Beautiful display of Spring Flowers 05-07-2019
Do yourself a favor and swing by our backyard in the next day or two, whether Ed and I are home or not. The Iris, Globe Allium, and Rhododendrum are especially gorgeous this year. Our address is 1681 Bald Eagle Circle. You can walk between the houses and step onto the course for the best view. Enjoy!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Apologies 05-07-2019
My apologies to the poker group. Libba and I decided to go to the skyline drive yesterday afternoon, and between that and dinner at Vito's, I completely dropped poker out of my mind. I also missed all 3 of your reminders until this morning.
Posted By John Hall

Pool News 04-30-2019
I thought I had sent this email earlier this morning, but apparently it did not go through. So - I will try again! The pool company has come over the past 2 weeks and uncovered the pool, cleaned it, and added the necessary treatments. They said it would be ready for our use on Wednesday afternoon That's tomorrow!!! Just remember - the heater has only been on for 2 days, so it might still be a little chilly. Weather pending, we will start our Thursday evening happy hours this week at 7:00 at the pool. For those of you who are new to the neighborhood, we gather on most Thursday evenings at 7:00 poolside to solve the problems of the day. Just bring your beverage of choice in a plastic container (no glass at the pool). If you wish, you can bring a snack to share. A gentle reminder that this time is for adults only.
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

poker Monday 6th, 7pm 04-30-2019
This coming Monday, 6th, you're invited to play poker at the Watson house. 7pm. Let me know how many to set up. Hope you can come.
Posted By Steve

Flag 04-28-2019
If you are missing a welcome flag please let me know-we found one in our yard. It is garden sized and it has birdhouse, butterflies and flowers on it.
Posted By Diane Bayer

Pool furniture help 04-22-2019
Good morning everyone, The pool will be opening on or around May 1, so we need to get the pool furniture out of storage from the Ford's house. (A big thank you to Al and Joan for doing this for us!) I am substitute teaching full-time until early June, so I am not available to help this year. Bob has had surgery on his arm - so he can only supervise. So far the only firm commitment to help is Ed Morrison. We would like to get at least 3 other guys to help load and unload the outdoor furniture at the pool. We could also use a few ladies to wipe down the furniture once it is in place (please bring buckets and rags). If you are able to help with this on Tuesday, April 23 at 1:00 - please respond ASAP to this email so that we know if we can move forward with these plans! Thanks, Susie
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

The Passing of our dear neighbor 04-03-2019
Yesterday morning, Wilma Miller passed away at home surrounded by her family. Although we mourn her death, she is rejoicing with our Heavenly Father! Please keep Larry and family in your thoughts and prayers. Here is the link to information about the services: https://www.mcmullenfh.com/obituary/wilma-miller
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Poker 03-27-2019
My turn. Iím overdue to host at my house. Tuesday, April 2, 7:00 p.m. let me know by Monday evening. Where else can you blow 5 bucks and have such fun? 1681 Bald Eagle Cr 435-6536 EddieMo
Posted By Ed Morrison

Poker 03-27-2019
My turn. Iím overdue to host at my house. Tuesday, April 2, 7:00 p.m. let me know by Monday evening. Where else can you blow 5 bucks and have such fun? 1681 Bald Eagle Cr 435-6536 EddieMo
Posted By Ed Morrison

Nuisance dogs 03-22-2019
The animal control number is through the non emergency police dept. phone, (540)434-4436. Please call this number if you wish to report excessive barking or dogs unleashed.
Posted By Pam Snell

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