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Poker on 12th 02-28-2018
I can host our poker game on Monday, March 12, 7 o'clock if others have interest. Sorry I cannot do it sooner. Is 12th good option for you? Thanks,
Posted By Steve Watson

House Cleaner Needed 02-26-2018
Hi neighbors, A friend of mine who lives out of town is looking for a house cleaner for her mother-in-law (who lives in Spring Oaks subdivision off of Massanetta Springs Rd.) It would be general, light cleaning every other week for a 2-bedroom duplex. Please let me know if you can share the contact information of someone you know.
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

Neighborhood Dinner at the Shanks Tonite! 01-12-2018
Just a reminder that we will be seated at 6:30. And a suggestion: Think elastic waist britches!
Posted By Mindy

January 12 Dinner Info 01-05-2018
29 neighbors are on for next Fridayís casual Country Home dinner at the Shank Farm located at 7382 Mount Clinton Pike, Harrisonburg, about 15 minutes from our neighborhood. We will be seated at 6:30. The cost with tax should be $24 plus an optional tip. Our carpool is full but are there any other volunteers to drive? Participants include Morrisons , Watsons , Bayers, Wrights, Coffeys, Stout, Fords, Yount, Bazzle, Snell, Wood, Dinsmore, Hottels, Gardners, Withers, Blades, Gordo and Karyl Lewis. The Shanks are Old Order Mennonite and the homegrown dinner will reflect rural Southern Virginia at its best. I hope you will enjoy the entire evening!
Posted By Mindy

Old towels needed 01-03-2018
Hi all, If anyone has old towels you no longer need our Vet could use them. We will be taking Marty for a stay there on the 26th and would love to bring them a stack of towels. Thanks a bunch,
Posted By Sandra

January 12, 2018 Progressive Dinner is On! 01-02-2018
January 12 is the date for our January Farm-to-Table Dinner at John Robert and Marjorie Shank's farm at 7382 Mount Clinton Pike. Look who signed up already: Watsons, Morrisons, Bayers, Coffeys, Stout, Fords, Yount, Bazzle, Snell, Wood, Dinsmores, Hottels, and Withers. Right now, there will be 24 of us. With 21+ people, the cost with tax is $24.00 per person. For 16-20 diners, the cost would be $25.00 Let me know if you must bow out or want to add your name to the list. Please respond by this Thursday, January 4.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Open House Invitation 12-20-2017
Hi there neighbors, Please join us to celebrate the New Year. Open house at Sandra and Larry's 1620 Bald Eagle Circle January 1, 2018 1:00 to 5:00 Just bring yourself. We will have adult beverages and snacks all afternoon.
Posted By Sandra and Larry Blade

Missing Package 12-06-2017
On Monday, November 27 at 2:31 pm, a package was delivered to my home but I never received it. Evidently, it was stolen. Iím wondering if others have experienced this lately. My cousin wanted to surprise me with a ceramic Christmas tree my mother created for her years ago. Since Mom died a year and a half ago, I would have treasured that gift! Ed and I are currently installing a Ring video doorbell so we can answer the door from anywhere using our smartphone. After seeing Steve and Donna Monticelliís in action, it seemed like a great idea for extra security. Have you experienced missing packages? Just curious.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Thank you for Christmas entry decorating 12-04-2017
A big thank you to all who helped make the entry to the neighborhood look so festive! Many hands made light work, and the Coffeys get an extra thank you for their hours of labor. The tree lighting this evening was a delight, with so much sharing of food and wine. This neighborhood is so wonderful. The word goes out and neighbors respond. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU THAT MADE THIS HAPPEN!
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Change of plans for Christmas decorations 11-29-2017
Hi all, Several neighbors have a conflict with the Friday evening gathering so let's gather Sunday evening December 3 at 5:30 instead. If you can come a little early, we'll get the remaining garland, etc. put in place. Hope to see you then!
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Christmas decorations for neighborhood entrance 11-21-2017
It's that time of year again! Tommy and his guys are generously helping to put up our huge tree, wreath and swags to minimize our heavy lifting and ladder usage. They will be doing that early next week. We'll put the word out for neighbors to help with the rest of the decorations. The tree lighting celebration with BYO snacks and drink will happen December 1 at 5:30 PM. Walk on up to the gazebo and join your neighbors in some holiday merrymaking!
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Christmas luncheon 11-11-2017
Hi ladies, Iím looking forward to having everyone here again this year on December 5 at noon for our annual neighborhood Christmas luncheon. I plan on doing it a little bit different this year, with everybody bringing something to share. I promise it will be very simple and easy. Details to follow. Could you let me know if youíll be able to come? Looking forward to seeing everyone, Deb
Posted By Deb Mitchell

Freeze up 11-09-2017
Your exterior hose bib is frost proof, BUT if you have a hose connected to it, water in the section of pipe in your wall cannot drain out. UNHOOK your hoses before freezing weather.
Posted By Jerry

Meeting at the new Elementary School re the right turn lane 11-09-2017
Tonight at 5pm, there will be a meeting at the new Elementary School to discuss eliminating the right turn lane into our neighborhood. I plan to attend with some safety research I obtained from the US Department of Transportation as well as other information I have access to by working at an insurance company. It would be awesome if we make a strong neighborhood showing. The meeting is 5pm - 7pm this evening. Hope to see you there.
Posted By Bill Bayer

Braithwaite Studio visit 11-05-2017
Good afternoon Ladies, The following are those planning to join together for lunch and a glass lesson Tuesday. Libba, Deb, Wilma W, Jeri, Kathe, Mindy, Wilma M,Vickie, Ruth, Sandra and maybe Susie. I will drive and take Wilma W, Libba, Ruth and possibly Susie. Hope some of you will link up and carpool too. I think it will be a fun activity and see lots of smiles in the process. See you all in Dayton at 1:00, Tuesday. The owner is very flexible and accommodating so, if anyone changes their mind and wants join us last minute they will be welcome.
Posted By Sandra

Braithwaite Studio 10-31-2017
How many ladies can gather at Braithwaite Studio next Tuesday the 7th for lunch and a glass lesson at 1:00?
Posted By Sandra

January 12, 2018 Progressive Dinner is On! 10-30-2017
The date is set! 23 neighbors -so far- will progress to Marjorie Rohrer Shank's farm on January 12. As we get closer to the date, more info will follow. There's always room for more neighbors!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Water is on 10-29-2017
Those young guys worked through all that rain and water is on!! 4PM
Posted By Jerry

Braithwaite Studio 10-26-2017
Heritage gals, this is for you. Today I had a fun time having lunch and a glass etching lesson at Braithwaite Studio in Dayton. I thought some of you might like to give this a try. Think hand made Christmas gifts. We made sun catchers. They will do lunch and a class for $30. Let me know if you are interested and I'll try to get it arranged. Any day of the week you just can not do?
Posted By Sandra

This Friday: Bluestone Vineyard Halloween Party 10-24-2017
The last Toast the Weekend concert for 2017, 6:00 - 9:00. Should be a beautiful evening, high around 70 degrees on Friday. A few weeks ago, several of us danced like crazy to the local band Standing Room Only - and they are playing again. Bring lawn chairs, munchies to share. $10 cover includes souvenir wine glass. Ed and I are going. Whoís in?
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Wondering? 10-23-2017
Hi Everyone, Gordo would like to borrow a walker starting next week. He is going to have a hip replacement on Monday. He would need it by Tuesday because he has to take it in to the hospital to be measured. Anybody have one, it would be most appreciated.
Posted By Thanks, Karyl

poker 10-23-2017
Next Monday evening, October 30, you are invited for poker at the Watsons at 7:00pm. Let me know if you can be there. Looking forward to it.
Posted By Steve

Marilyn, at the water dept. says the city will be working on a water main in 600 block of Garbers Church Road. My house was previously 630 and Amar may be 620. Expected interruption scheduled from 8AM to 8PM this Sunday OCT 29. So I expect we May not have service most of the day. thanks for the tip off to Mindy Mo!
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Paving = = NOTICE Update 10-23-2017
Tomorrow, IF no rain, Bald Eagle Circle, Eddie Mo's house to Jerry's House will be resurfaced. 9AM asphalt.Morrison, Mitchell, Withers, Yount and Ford beware. Wednesday, If no rain, Heritage Estates Circle. Same time If desired Park on any empty lot that is handy - - -Lot 7 between Watson & Blade should be good. Lot next to Andy and Carrie also safe.
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Paving = = NOTICE 10-22-2017
Edwards Paving is working to resurface some of our streets.. Mr. Edwards told me he was doubtful of weather forecast for Monday but wanted to leave equipment onsite. It now looks like rain will hold till late in the day. I expect he may try to patch and pave as weather permits. He moved into Sherry last Friday and is done in that area. The golf course and Sherry may be safe parking havens. Once the asphalt goes down on one side and gets rolled, it can be driven on. They are making a two pass paving process. Worst case you can cross the asphalt coming out of your drive, once it is rolled. They basically roll as quick as they put it down. Sorry for the inconvenience. Omelets and all
Posted By Jerry Scripture

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