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Bob Dinsmore for Board 07-03-2020
Whoa, Arriving back today, behind Rocky's flowers I saw our NEW Heritage Estates sign and then our NEW Logo sign. And then I realized we still have that 1,000 plus dollars for new signs in the bank. And then I remembered (after Thursday champagne & wine) Bob said he applied some cleaner and elbow grease to those signs and there were -in fact - nice signs there, under years of dirt off the road. Many thanks for thinking and acting Bob
Posted By Jerry Scripture

July 4th 06-27-2020
Thanks to Rocky for a fantastic evening around her fire pit! Some of us began talking about July 4th, which is next Saturday night. I was asked about music and am willing to set up on our patio again. The Watson backyard is shady by 7pm and I suspect the Wrights will allow their shady backyard to be occupied as well. Also the music can be heard at the pool area I think. Perhaps we should all bring our chairs, dinner or snacks, and drinks to provide social distance and safety. Are folks interested another gathering at 7pm and after on the 4th?
Posted By Steve and Ruth Watson

Time for símores 06-24-2020
Rocky has a new fire pit for her front driveway!! Friday looks like a lovely night to celebrate the coming of summer with a night around the fire pit. Whoever wants to come, bring your chairs and beverages of choice. I will have símore fixings. I will light up around 7:30.
Posted By Rocky

Multch 06-22-2020
Hello, can any of you tell me where is the best place to get mulch?
Posted By Jane Housh

Trees at entrance 06-22-2020
Can we get the trees at the entrance of our development trimmed back? When leaving the neighborhood and looking to the right, it is becoming difficult to see oncoming traffic. Thanks very much.
Posted By Bill Bayer

Pool and Signs 06-22-2020
1) Spotless Cleaners has been hired to clean our pool surface, apologies now if they interrupt a swim. Please call Susie, Larry(s) or Jerry if you see them. 2) Our covenants say no signs for candidates. Heart is the right place, sign in the wrong place.
Posted By Jerry

Phishing 06-20-2020
Beware folks. I just got an email, ostensibly from Ed Morrison, asking me to buy a gift card, and he would pay me back. This isnít Ed. Watch out. TW
Posted By Tom

Ducks in the pool 06-15-2020
The ducks paid us a visit this morning and left a few presents in and out of the pool. I have to leave this morning for Charlottesville so I donít have time to do the clean up. Sorry!
Posted By Rocky

golf course -- George Hirschmann 06-13-2020
George visited Friday afternoon, saw some passion and gained insights about Heritage Oaks golf. Thanks to all who found time to be there and share. Campaigns cost money and need enthusiasts, please help as you can. Hirschmann for Council, P O Box 1611, Harrisonburg, VA 22803
Posted By Jerry

golf course -- George Hirschmann 06-12-2020
George visited today and Found some passion and gained insights about Heritage Oaks. Thanks to all, who found time to be there. Campaigns cost money and need enthusiasts, Please help as you can. Hirschmann for Council PO Box 1611 Harrisonburg, Va 22803
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Heritage Estates is a Scripture Community, along with The Glen at Cross Keys, Liberty Square, and Founders Way.
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