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mail 05-21-2020
I'm not sure who brought my mail by, Thank You . I was in a zoom meeting,I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you. Thank you so much for taking the time, that was very thoughtful and I appreciated it
Posted By Jane Housh

Memorial Day 05-20-2020
Since we cannot have an Island Party this year to kick off summer, I am considering an alternative. Even though we got Jerry Scripture to dance last year, a Conga Line is definitely out. I am thinking about planning music on the Watson back patio starting around 4pm, some Caribbean Island music and other golden oldies. Is anyone interested in bringing drinks and snacks (or dinner) to our back yard, the intersection between us and the pool, and/or around the pool...keeping social distances? Does anyone object to music in the development at that time? We enjoyed the cookout occasion recently, so I am thinking this might be another way to visit with neighbors. Are there folks who are interested for Memorial Day, May 25? If there is interest, I will start getting the music together. If so, we can bring our bag chairs and nibbles and socialize at the proper distances.
Posted By Steve Watson

Morrisons Presenting This Coming Tuesday 05-17-2020
JMU's Lifelong Learning Institute Zoomtime Knowledge: Bad Moon Rising: The Prom Night Murders Memoir Guest Presenters: Ed and Mindy Morrison REGISTER NOW @ the link following this announcement: TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020 NOON-1:15PM Free and Open to the Public Ed Morrison's brother, Michael, and his date, Debra Means, never made it home from the Mascoutah Community High School Prom held on May 3, 1969. In this true crime memoir, Ed Morrison chronicles his quest to discover the truth behind what happened that fateful night. Gathering insight from interviews with former classmates and police investigators, attorneys, judges, and prison personnel, Morrison eventually identifies the perpetrator of the prom night murders, who died while imprisoned without ever being convicted of these crimes. Morrison will share his 50-year journey in search of closure and what he learned about family, forgiveness, and the judicial system along the way. Go to the link below now to register and join us Tuesday at noon! We hope to see friendly faces! https://www.jmu.edu/pce/programs/all/lli/ZoomtimeKnowledge.shtml
Posted By Ed and Mindy Morrison

Heritage Homegirls Text Group? 05-08-2020
Need an egg? A hand? A friend? Some of us have been neighbors for 12 years, some not even 12 weeks. Some have left communities of friends and support, and with the pandemic, may feel more social distance than others. During last weekend's Driveway Fest, I was giddy with excitement. Neighbors laughing, teasing, talking face to face! So much fun after being cooped up for so long! How can we sustain that camaraderie? Sometimes you need an egg right now for a recipe. Maybe you need a hand reaching the summer sheets on the top shelf. Or you want a walking buddy. Women - Sorry, guys! - if you're interested, let's start a neighborhood text group and get to know each other better. We can lift each other so no one falls through the cracks. Email or text me your information if you want to participate, and I'll crank up our Heritage Homegirls? Honeys? text group. I'm Mindy at mjdm@comcast.net and 540-435-6535.
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Protest walk 04-29-2020
For some reason Bill couldn’t post this on the neighborhood email link so he asked me to post it here. I think we should protest on Sunday by all walking in single file on the cart path while pushing our clubs and generally blocking things for all others while remaining 6 feet apart. If we had enough participants we could block both nines. We would not be golfing so we would be within our rights to “Exercise” If anyone has a contact with the TV station we should invite them.
Posted By Diane

#FrontYardCookout 04-28-2020
On Saturday May 2nd Oscar Mayer is “hosting” a front yard cookout as a way for neighbors to socially connect at this time of social distancing. The premise is that neighbors will cookout and eat in their front yards while talking and seeing neighbors from a distance. Oscar Mayer is donating $1,000,000 to Feeding America and will donate another meal for everyone who hashtags #FrontYardCookout during the month of May. Some of us were talking and thought that it might be fun to do in our neighborhood as small groups of 10. Everyone would provide their own food, drink and chairs in a driveway that would be large enough to maintain the 6 foot distancing between couples or individuals. So.....just wanted to let you know that the Bayer’s, the Hottel’s, the Coffeys, Martha, Phil, Rocky and Larry Miller will be gathering in Rockys driveway at 4:00 to socialize, eat and drink. We were thinking it would be fun if some others with larger driveways offered their driveways to host groups of up to 10 in size. Perhaps if you have the ability to host you can put the word out and people can contact you to join in. I would be happy to help people put groups together as well. We were even thinking we could walk around a couple at a time to say hi to other groups. If you want more information you can visit the Oscar Mayer website.....and we need people who have twitter accounts and can share the frontyardcookout hashtag perhaps with photos:).
Posted By Diane Bayer

Thoughts on Golf Course Petition 04-20-2020
With reference to various comments about the golf course floating around, my comments are as follows: 1. Susie and I are greatly concerned about the possible closing of the course and particularly the defunding of the First Tee Program. 2. I do not think a counter petition is the way to go AT THIS TIME. Particularly in view of the Coronavirus, employment concerns, and general survival concerns by many city residents. If a petition should appear to be spearheaded in any way by the Heritage Estates community, I think it would be perceived as extremely self-serving. 3. We need to get together to discuss an approach to this problem. I am thinking we could stand (socially distanced) at the pool in the near future to discuss a reasonable approach and course of action. I will elaborate more on my thoughts in the next few days. I'll watch the weather forecast for an appropriate time to meet.
Posted By Bob Dinsmore

Pansies 04-16-2020
Roxanne's Arrival Posies are Popping. Thank you for keeping our Rhodes arrival looking classy. After finding out that you also weeded the PANSIES I am recommending to the Owners Association that we double your pay!
Posted By Jerry

Thanks for ARC donations 04-15-2020
Thanks to those of you who dropped off donations for the ARC of Harrisonburg and Rockingham. I have been passing these items along to the dropoff point at my son's gym. I will continue to have the tub out by my front door (1730 Sherry Lane) until Wednesday, April 22. This struggle is real folks. The news channels have been showing cars lined up for blocks to get food and supplies from area food banks around the nation. Yesterday, as we were driving back to the neighborhood, there were cars lined up on Garbers Church Rd. past the high school. They were waiting in line to receiving food supplements from the elementary school. Just a reminder that examples of items needed are nonperishable food items (canned meats, other canned goods, pasta, rice, cereal, etc.), paper products, cleaning supplies, and health hygiene supplies. Thanks again for your support!
Posted By Susie Dinsmore

How We Feel app 04-13-2020
I’m using #HowWeFeel to help track and fight COVID-19. For each new user HWF is donating a meal through @FeedingAmerica. 195,400 meals donated so far! Download it here: https://get.howwefeel.org/share Here is a link to a Harvard review of the app. https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/features/new-how-we-feel-app-aims-to-improve-covid-19-response/
Posted By Mindy Morrison

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