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Monday Morning Mimosas 06-20-2022
Ladies of the neighborhood. It was suggested to me that it would be fun to gather for mimosas on my patio. So, join us on Monday, June 27th at 10:00 am. There will be light snacks and a lot of laughter. No need to bring anything. Fingers crossed for nice weather!
Posted By Rocky

The Rich get Richer, Tues 4PM Simms 06-04-2022
OPINION This is not about poor folks. This is about wealthy folks getting Tax Breaks, based on Bogus DATA The city study referred to here below, counted thousands of student Households as if they were NOT JUST STUDENTS This skewed the ALICE data creating the appearance of Harrisonburg as a POOR community. The CITIZEN (Harrisonburg's online paper) reported “ Proposed development would address shortages for low-income home buyers, renters” ----which included this reporting. The City of Harrisonburg Comprehensive Housing Assessment and Market Study released in January 2021 lays out the need for this type of development. More than 7,800 city households fall below the ALICE threshold of being Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained and Employed. The lowest income group (up to $19,410 for a family of four in 2017) has the smallest housing inventory available and affordable for them. It’s that study that led EquityPlus to propose the development to HRHA last year. “Our realtor made us aware of the Harrisonburg Housing Study that indicated a need for 5,000 units in the Harrisonburg area and identified this parcel as being suitable for addressing this need,” said Avram Fechter, managing director of EquityPlus, a privately-held investment and advisory firm focused on building value using federal and state tax credit investment programs. The Tangled Tale of Tax breaks for the wealthy and increased stress on our schools and other services.
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Does anyone Care Tuesday 4 PM Simms Center 06-04-2022
Below is the new website for the Non centered, new Town Center, coming to Garbers Church. https://bluestonetowncenter.com/ guess you cut and paste. I think, we should know: How many single family, detached units are in the master plan? The new web site pictures look very generic, like this could be, Anywhere Flats, USA. If not, can you locate on the actual site where that community center goes? Are children expected? (no play areas are shown with a lot of apartments)? Should at least be at least several play areas with swings and slides. Will all the housing be manufactured units? So, no local builders, subcontractors, or suppliers will be involved.? Has there been an estimate of how many extra millions of dollars of rock breaking there will be? Streets, Sanitary sewer, Water lines, storm sewer, foundations?? Will first time home buyers (attached or detached) be excited to purchase in the same community, as a large subsidized/affordable apartments community? Will the apartments be closest to the CAFO or will the detached homes be closest? And has a setback been determined from the CAFO? (The county uses 600 feet). Other Jurisdiction use 1,000 feet or more.
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Does anyone care Tuesday 4PM Simms 06-04-2022
Elizabeth Jerlinski had a meeting scheduled with Michael Wong of HRHA for the folks in the affected Garbers Church neighborhood. HRHA now says we want to hold the meeting at the Simms (old school) Center 4 PM Tuesday. Please consider coming to the meeting. This is a project conceived out of town, by monied interests who do NOT have the city's best interest at heart. It is based on manipulated data and ignores reality in several ways. Ex-Councilman Joe Fitzgerald (DEM), whose wife is vice chair of the Harrisonburg School system, posted this to his blog today https://stillnotsleeping.substack.com/p/unaffordable?s=r I intend another post with a list of questions I suggest need to be answered. Call if I can help 540 820 7979
Posted By Jerry Scripture

Ladies end of school year lunch 06-01-2022
Hoping that once again we can gather as a group at Cross Keys Winery on Friday June 10th at 12:30 to help me celebrate the end of the school year. If you are able to come please let me know by Saturday June 4th and I will make a reservation for our group. Thanks!
Posted By Diane Bayer

Memorial Day Happy Hour 05-29-2022
Hi All, Susie Dinsmore and I would like to suggest a 6 PM happy hour at the pool on Monday. Feel free to bring an appetizer to share as well as your own drink in nonbreakable containers, and possibly a chair. I’ll have paper plates and paper towels. No need to RSVP, just show up. Hope to see you there. Karen Aspinwall
Posted By Karen Aspinwall

Driveway party at the pit 05-27-2022
I know this is short notice, but it looks like the rain is moving out and tomorrow is not so hot or windy. So I will light a fire 6:30-7:00 for anyone who wants to come over. Bring your chairs and beverages. I will have some hot dogs to roast over the fire.
Posted By Rocky

Many thanks! 05-09-2022
Thanks so very much for all the encouragement and supportive, kind words for my journey . Thank you again, Sandra and Rocky, for bringing the neighbor women together with wonderful food and drinks. Leaving in a few minutes. If you’re interested in following me on the Camino De Santiago, check Mindy Duncan Morrison on Facebook or on the PolarSteps app. See you in July!
Posted By Mindy Morrison

Does Anyone care? 1,000 units 04-26-2022
apparently our owners association is all out of country or out of town. A neighbor down the way wants a 2PM Sunday neighborhood meeting.... This from DNR 2 weeks ago ---- HOT CENTERPIECE TOP STORY HRHA Planning $100M, 1,000-Unit Housing Complex In City • By IAN MUNRO Daily News-Record Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority will propose a 1,000-unit housing complex on roughly 84 acres off Garbers Church Road. Land across from Harrisonburg High School on Garbers Church Road is the site of a proposed housing development. The Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority is working with a development group to create a roughly 1,000-unit housing complex on the west side of the city, according to documents and interviews. The complex would be located on 84 acres of vacant land across Garbers Church Road from Harrisonburg High School and would stretch east along Heritage Oaks Golf Course then around to Erickson Avenue. “Right now, it’s probably about a $100 million project,” said Michael Wong, executive director of the Harrisonburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Final plans are being completed to be submitted to city staff for review, followed by public hearings by Planning Commission and City Council, according to Wong. Plans call for a mixture of affordable single-family homes, town homes and apartment blocks with options for buying and renting, he said. “We wanted to be able to address everyone’s needs,” Wong said. The development wouldn’t only be a place to live, but would also include services on the ground floor of some buildings to try and create a Main Street type of atmosphere and community in the development, according to Wong. The services would not be businesses such as eateries, but child care, educational services, job and workforce training, and health care, he said. Rental units will be for households with incomes at or below 60% of the area median income, while the properties for sale will be within reach for first-time home buyers and other residents with incomes between 80% to 120% of the local area median income, according to Wong. There will be trails and Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation bus stops at the site, and the units would be energy efficient, according to a document provided by Wong about the project. The development would be funded through low-income housing tax credits, potential private equity assistance, grants and revenue from home sales. HRHA would receive funds from renting properties not sold and would retain ownership of the rest of the complex, he said. No funding is needed from the city, but without city approval, it cannot go forward, Wong said. “It’s 100% contingent on city support for the project,” he said. HRHA is working with Equity Plus, an investment firm focused on federal and state tax credit developments, to bring the idea to fruition, according to Wong. The company began over a decade ago a consulting firm but has expanded, folding in a general contractor and property management services, according to Avram Fechter, Equity Plus managing director. He said the group found the parcel through its Realtor and knew it would need a partner to bring a site to life, so Equity Plus reached out to HRHA. “It looked like we could make the numbers work, but we could only make it work if we got the right zoning for the property and the right partner to bring all the resources to bear,” Fechter said. He said the company has worked on several other projects and is in the process of completing an overhaul of a school in Petersburg to be affordable housing for the elderly and build 47 new homes on vacant and abandoned parcels around the school for workforce housing. “We never, ever, ever want to be viewed as doing things the community doesn’t want,” Fechter said. “We’re here as a tool to deliver the workforce and other housing so desperately needed. There’s no point in doing that if you come up with a plan everybody hates.” It would still be another five to eight years before build-out of the development is complete if the project receives the approvals it needs, such as a rezoning, according to Fechter. The 84 acres of vacant parcels are zoned for single-family residential, multiple dwellings and business, and will need to be rezoned to medium density mixed-use planned community. “We’re hoping to have our zoning application submitted in April, and we’re hoping to have it approved by June so we can buy the property,” Fechter said. He said there will be many public meetings so people can be involved in the review and approval process. “It’s really exciting,” Wong said. “I think it’s very unique. I’m unaware of a project this large of a size.” That's all folks :-)
Posted By Jerry Scripture

HANDYMAN 04-25-2022
Any suggestions for someone to install a permanent “ doggie gate” for porch deck? Thanks!
Posted By Joan Ford

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